encountered the rebel Porter with his force of about four hundred men, strongly posted in the dense brush on the " Botts" farm in Monroe County. Killed one rebel and wounded many others. Our casualties were one man killed, Captain B. F. Crail, of Company F, and nine men wounded. Porter fled south into Callaway County, wither we pursued. On the 27th day of July, 1862, one hundred men of the Ninth Missouri S. M. And fifty men of Company E, under command of Captain Duffield of Company E, drove the rebel Porter with his force, which had been augmented to nearly eight hundred men, from Brown's Springs in Callaway County. He retreated in the direction of Moore's Mill. On July 28th a detachment of Missouri S. M. Merrill's Horse, and of this Battalion, with a section of the Third Indiana battery, all under command of Colonel Guitar, encountered Porter in a strong position in a dense thicket near Moore's Mill in Callaway County. After a desperate fight of four hours the rebels were utterly routed with a loss of thirty killed and nearly one hundred wounded; a great many guns and horses fell into our hands. The casualties of this battalion were four men killed and twenty wounded.
Company E of this battalion had twenty-seven horses killed. The rebels fled northward, this battalion with the other forces continued in pursuit, and on the 6th day of August found the rebels two thousand strong posted in the town of Kirksville, in Adair county A severe engagement ensued, resulting in a complete rout of the rebels. Rebel loss one hundred and twenty-eight killed, two hundred wounded and forty taken prisoners. We captured two hundred stands of arms and about two hundred horses. Casualties in this battalion; Killed, Captain E. Mayne, Company G; wounded, Captain Jesse Hughes, Company R; Lieutenant M. 1. Birch, Company H, and ten men. Battalion continued in pursuit of rebels and rebel bands until they were utterly routed and dispersed, when we were ordered to this post where we are now stationed.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

H. C. Caldwell, Major
Second Battalion, Third Iowa Cavalry.

A recapitulation of the losses sustained by the battalion during the campaign shows six killed, sixty-five wounded and two captured by the enemy, total seventy-four. This was a heavy percentage of loss-more than thirty percent of the actual number of the battalion able for duty. There is a slight discrepancy in the official reports as to the loss of the detachment of the Third Cavalry in the battle of Moore's Mill.
Colonel Guitar, the senior officer in command, in his official report states that the loss of Major Caldwell's battalion was 2 killed and 24 wounded, and that the horses killed belonged almost entirely to the Third Iowa Cavalry. At the battle of Kirksville the loss of the Third Iowa was one-third of the total loss sustained by all the Union troops engaged. In his official report Colonel John McNeil mentions the gallant conduct of Captain Mayne, who was killed at the head of his command, and also commends the bravery and efficiency of Major Caldwell. It will thus be seen that this battalion performed most efficient and gallant service in those early days of the war, doing more than its share of the fighting andlosing more than its proportion of men in the engagements in which it fought in conjunction with other troops. The subsequent operations of this battalion, prior to the time it rejoined the regiment, embraced
such a wide scope that the compiler finds it impossible to describe them in detail, owing to the limited space assigned to this historical sketch. He therefore has recourse to the summarized record of the services of the battalion as given by a well known compiler of Iowa military history.