John La Barre
By Kris Jaeger

I have been reviewing stories that my grandmother has written of her
memories and stories of our family told to her.  One involves her
great-grandfather, John La Barre.

"He was a Civil War Veteran serving from 1862-1865.  There was to be a
large ceremony honoring Civil War Veterans in Des Moines, at which the
flags of the Iowa companies would be presented at the Capitol and put on
permanent display.  Great Grandpa La Barre represented Company C of the
Third Iowa Volunteer Division.  Someone brought him a horse to ride in
the parade.  Seemingly an old, somewhat broken down horse that was
considered 'safe' for this 80 year old man.  Grandpa gave it one look,
drew himself up to his full 5'2", and demanded a 'real' horse if they
expected him to ride in the parade."

I wanted to thank you for having the website for the Iowa Third Cavalry
and to share this story with you.  Maybe others would enjoy it as well.

Kris Jaeger