men of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry

There are many stories that may never be told about the Civil War. Many have gone to the wayside or just went with the individual who experienced the taste of war. Although the following really don't talk of acts of war we are able to find out about some of the men of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry. A little about them as a human being, and what has happened to them. Although most of the bios are from genealogy findings found by Priscilla A. Boswell there are a few good accounts. I hope this aspect of the site really grows and your participation in adding to this will be a great help. If you have information on your ancestor who belonged with the 3rd Iowa Cavalry please by all means share this with all of the interested people. Remember as long as we think of our ancestors they will never die but live in the hearts of all of us.

This first portion was sent to me from Priscilla A. Boswell. She has been a great credit to this site and I wish to thank her for her interest in the 3rd Iowa Cavalry. Great Job Priscilla and Thanks!

M. L. Baker J. Brown J. La Barre R. W. Moore J. G. Thompson
A. C. Barker H. Caldwell J.  Maddix D.C. Pettitt J. Cubberley
H. Barnes G. C.  Duffield J. K. P. McCallum J. Pickler N. L. Calhoun
J. Beeler I. Harris J.C. McCrary D. W. M. Robertson J. T. Snider
J. Boyer W. H. Hope M. McSurely O. H .P. Scott J. Miller
W. Brooks L. King J. J. Miller S.R. Snyder  T. J. Taylor   From Claudia Edwards

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