The Great Railroad Raid

I was able to go to Iowa City to the Historical Society of Iowa and do some more research. I found this article in the
Annals of Iowa. This is a very good story that includes the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Iowa Cavalry and their participation in raid. It is a two part article which relates the story of a Union raid on Confederate railroad supply lines in the late summer of 1863.
Although the Union failed to bring away the locomotives and rolling stock, they had struck the deteriorating rail system
of the Confederates a terrible blow. Between Winslow's and Phillips' raiders, they had destroyed 34 locomotives,
and 172 cars being passenger, box, and flat. The sources that Edwin C. Bearss used in putting the story together makes
for some very accountable reading for descendants and war buffs alike.

John Gunter webmaster.


Part I

Part II


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