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Sam Curtis

Not many of those who matched, fought and suffered in its ranks remain upon earth, but to those who May live to peruse what is here written will come the assurance that the State, which sent them forth in the strength of their young manhood, to fight the battles of their country, has made such provision as was possible to perpetuate the memory of each brave and faithful soldier of the old regiment.

 These men of the Third Iowa Cavalry have left the impress of their lives upon the history of their State and Nation, not only as brave soldiers in time of war but as good citizens in every honorable avocation of life. Some of their number have been highly honored since the close of the war, and have achieved fame and distinction in the high places to which they have been assigned, but, to each one who faithfully served his country in her hour of greatest need, posterity owes a debt of gratitude which can never be fully repaid. or the greater part of that period they marched and fought together, and re-enlisted about the same time as "Veteran Volunteers" their dead and those of the enemy they encountered, lie upon many battlefields, from the plains of Kansas to the mountains of Georgia.


Third Iowa Cavalry Reunion Photograph Photograph taken in Centerville, Iowa in the year of 1888

Col. Cyrus Bussey
First Col. of the 3rd Iowa Cavalry Regiment.

Col. John W. Noble
Col. Noble was with the regiments beginning to it's end.

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